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Lisa Rein's Music Website - Spunky Funk MP3 and Lyrics

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Spunky Funk

Words by Lisa Rein, Music by Lisa Rein and Ron Taylor

Spunky Funk MP3
(If you need this in another format, let me know)

Recorded by Erik-4A at Vagrant Records, Seattle, WA.

Lead Guitar: Evan Foster
Guitar: Blake Harkins
Bass: Jeff Eason
Drums: Simon Grant


Wasting my time
I intertwine
With the malignant and benign
I see what's mine
And it rests on
The strength of you and me combined

I'm not even trying
I'm just spying on your kind

It's just as well
Under a spell
Between the devil and divine
A secret door
To so much more
Than I could ever claim for mine

And whose hands am I tying if I slip away this time?

(O) Lisa Rein "Spunky Funk" 2002 V.1.0

This song is also available under the EFF's Open Audio License.