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Lisa Rein's Music Website - Something Better MP3 and Lyrics

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Something Better

Words by Lisa Rein
Music by Lisa Rein and Ron Taylor
Performed by Lisa Rein and Ron Taylor

Something Better MP3
(If you need this in another format, let me know)

Ron and I wrote this song many years ago right after I'd talked him out of joining the Navy. He was joining the Navy because he felt he had nothing better to do with his life. I convinced him that even flipping burgers would be better than potentially dying in some stupid war.

Now he's happily married with two beautiful children and he still thanks me for helping him out on that fateful day. (Although, I must admit, at the time I was being purely selfish: I didn't want to lose my guitar player!)

Ron and I have recently reunited (August 2003) and we just recorded this track last weekend by playing into the microphone on my video camera. I played it for some friends, and they all liked it a lot. So I'm taking their advice.

It's rough, but I think they're right. It's good enough for rock n' roll!

Hope you like it!


Flipping burgers ain't so bad
If you got nuthin' else to do
Not too happy, not too sad
Just seems to me there must be

There's something better I can feel it in the air
There's something better I can see it everywhere

Sometimes, I like to take a drive and close my eyes
Sometimes, it makes me feel alive to watch the world go by when

There's something better telling me to say goodbye
I see it smiling in the corner of my eye
There's something coming and it knows just where to find me
It's sweeping me away
I'm gonna leave this all behind me
I'm not blind

People tell me not to dream
Say I'll be letting myself down
But things aren't always what they seem
Maybe I'll win this time around

Something better than the same old compromise
I'll see it clearly when I open up my eyes
There's something coming and it knows just where to find me
It's sweeping me away
I'm gonna leave this all behind me
For something
Something good for me

(O) Lisa Rein "Something Better" 2003 V.1.0

This song is also available under the EFF's Open Audio License.