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I play a bit part and sing the theme song in a satire horror flick called "The Monsturd" that opened June 7, 2002 at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco.

So far, the film has received some rave reviews and viewers have been thrilled Mission-wide.

I co-wrote and sang the film's theme song: "Number Two: The Ballad of the Monsturd".

The film was scored by Marshall Crutcher, an Emmy award composer who also lives here in San Francisco. Marshall's score really makes the film shine. (Who ever said you can't polish a turd.)

Directors Rick Popko and Dan West spent a lot of time on this film; but not a lot of money -- only $3,000!

Many a preview-goer mentioned to me afterwards how surprised they were at the high quality special effects.

Creative location shooting and an upstart cast also helped keep the costs down.

So check out my little Monsturd site and order the video for yourself, if you are so inclined.