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As you can see from the movie stills, I play a shy uncertain damsel who's forced to take matters into her own hands.

My friends were really surprised at seeing a side of me they'd never seen before.

Rick and Dan seemed genuinely happy with my performance, and said they'd use me in future features. (Either that, or they just were just being nice and trying to get me to go home after the shoot.)

It was the first time I had worked with my co-star, Dave Dumanis.

I thought we really felt comfortable with each other right away. (He felt a lot more comfortable after I handed over the knife.)

You're going to clean up that bathroom now!

"I told you to clean it, not use it!"

Monsturd, a film about a monster who lives in the sewer and pops up out of people's toilets and kills them, gives a high middle finger to Hollywood for all the crap they've heaped on the public in the last umpteen years.

               Dan Ellis
The 80-minute movie horror/comedy has over 60 Bay Area actors including Dan Ellis, who just made his big screen debut in Ang Lee's Hulk (currently being shot in San Francisco).

Some of Rick and Dan's scenes are absolutely hilarious -- The team definitely stole the show.

A word of warning from the film's directors: "This film is not about art. If you're looking for something shot in black and white, or a story about GenX angst, or a gay/lesbian out of the closet drama, do NOT come to this film. If, however, you're a big fan of John Waters, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and early Sam Raimi and love cheap exploitation where you can get it, then this movie is for you!"

Me as "Rachel" showing the cops what's left of my husband.