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Lisa Rein's Music Website - Rain MP3 and Lyrics

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Words and Music by Lisa Rein

Vocals, Guitars and Bass performed by Lisa Rein.

Rain MP3
(If you need this in another format, let me know)

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. I wrote it around 1994.

My friend Simon Grant recently mentioned to me that this one was still his favorite. It reminded me of a peak experience I was lucky to have of performing it live with him and two other guys from Scream Radio -- Jeff Eason and Blake Harkins -- at one of their gigs in Seattle in 2001. (These are the same guys that played with me on Poltergeist, Wander, and Spunky Funk.)

So I went and dug up the studio version I still had of this that I recorded at my friend Joe's studio in Seattle in 1999-2000 or so. My other friend Scotty produced it. (Damn, I wish I could remember their last names.)

I sing and play guitar and bass on this one. My friend Scotty did the drum track.


You were mine
What made me have to extend across that line?
Yeah and anything else we could find
We'd make a wish and we were flying
We were flying

You were flying all the while
You were searching for a smile
And then the rain, the rain
It rattled your brain
And now your thoughts still remain
But you don't feel no pain

Will someone tell me where do I go?
I think I used to know
But that was all before
The Rain
The Rain
It rattled my brain
And now my thoughts still remain
But I don't feel the same
About anything

Ooh I never thought I'd see this side of you
Ooh I never thought I'd know this to be true
About the Rain
The Rain
The Rain
The Rain
In my brain
The Rain
The Rain
The Rain

(O) Lisa Rein "Rain" 2003 V.1.0

This song is also available under the EFF's Open Audio License.