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Lisa Rein's Music Website - Fuel Funeral - MP3 and Lyrics

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Updated March 3, 2007

Fuel Funeral

Lyrics by Lisa Rein and Gregory Howe

Vocals by Lisa Rein - Music by Gregory Howe

(If you need this in another format, let me know)

This song is about war profiteers who knowingly exchange the blood of Iraqis and US Troops for profit, in that they fund the destruction of the country so they can profit on its reconstruction.

It's also about how we all line up behind these scumbags and keep driving our SUV's -- and are effectively trading in the future of our children for convenience in the short term.

This song was inspired by the Bill Moyer's NOW program from November 14, 2003, Cash and Carry, which detailed the direct connections between the Shrub Administration and the main two or three companies that are profiting directly from the Iraqi reconstruction.


We go anywhere we wanna go
Suburban assault vehicles
The calling day we all seem to know
Comes speeding at us now head on

Come on down to the fuel funeral
The pyre's high and it's burning down
We're staring at the fuel funeral
Say a prayer and then throw in your cup

They tell you all that you wanna know
The roads are paved with a heart of gold
They turn you out on the inside
Kill your world as they come alive

Come on down to the Fuel Funeral
Cause you ain't got too much more to lose
There's only trouble and obstacles
They're all waiting for you for you

(O) Lisa Rein "Fuel Funeral" 2007 V.1.0

This song is also available under the EFF's Open Audio License.