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Lisa Rein's Music Website - Poltergeist MP3 and Lyrics

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Words by Lisa Rein, Music by Lisa Rein and Ron Taylor

Poltergeist MP3
(If you need this in another format, let me know)

Recorded by Erik-4A at Vagrant Records, Seattle, WA.

Lead Guitar: Evan Foster
Guitar: Blake Harkins
Bass: Jeff Eason
Drums: Simon Grant


Hey baby how you doin' today?
You got some time on your mind to find a way?
you're on an interactive holiday
you're on a mission

Cause it feels like I got a poltergeist inside my soul
cause it feels like I got some place to be
but nowhere to go...

Trouble yeah there's trouble and it's headed your way
you got your tightest brow on your darkest day
you got an SOS from the DEA
you got your whole damn future washing away

and it's feeling like i'm catching fire on the smoking coals
and i'm feeling like i'm kind of inspired
but i just don't know

nothing i know nothing i got nothin to say
you got an EKG on the CIA
you had the missing link and you threw it away
you better find the strength to pray

cause i'm weary and i couldn't scream to save my soul
and it feels like i better hold on tight but i'm letting go

gonna wanna wanna get you going again
you got a bird on your shoulder
got your back to the wind
you got that voice in your head fading in and out again
you better listen


cause i'm weary and i couldn't scream to save my soul
and it feels like i gotta find some way to just let you know

That it feels like i got a poltergeist inside my soul
and I know if I don't lose my mind i'm gonna lose control.

(O) Lisa Rein "Poltergeist" 2002 V.1.0

This song is also available under the EFF's Open Audio License.