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January 6-10, 2003 Protest - Upstate NY

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January 6-10, 2003 Protest Footage   San Francisco   Upstate NY   Tucson   Boston   Evanston   
Footage from the December 23, 2002 Protest in San Francisco   

UPSTATE NY:  On January 10th the world will witness the fascist 2nd

Phase of roundups of Arabs and Muslims. Last month 
alone in California hundreds of Muslims and Arabs were
unjustly imprisoned. This next phase effects roughly 
300,000 men from the age of 16-35 from 5 different 

Join us in protesting this unjust policy. At 12 pm on 
January the 10th we will rally at the Immigration 
Naturalization Service building. for more information
please contact Yunus Fiske at 
273 0167