Lisa Rein's Movies and Pictures From the October 26, 2002 Anti-war March in San Francisco

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Update in Progress 11/01/2002

I'm in the process of compressing and testing the rest of my footage from October 26 in San Francisco. I also need to create MPEG versions of the footage I've uploaded so far. (This stuff takes time, and I'm still using friends' machines :-)

Check back on Monday and I'll have new stuff up for sure! Thanks for visiting!

Here are the complete (or near complete) transcripts and movies of Barbara Lee and Ron Kovic's speeches below, along with some footage from the march.

Note: Each of the photographs below is linked to a larger version if you click on the image.

If you'd like a VHS or Mini DV of my footage, email me at

I'll be releasing these photographs and all of my video footage under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication soon, but until then, here's a Public Domain Dedication of my own to hold everyone over:
I, Lisa Rein, hereby dedicate the entire copyright of this collection, "Lisa Rein's October 26, 2002 Anti-Iraq War Photos and Videos" to the Public Domain.

Quicktime Movie
Partial Text of Barbara Lee's Speech

Barbara Lee 10/26/02

I want you to know that your emails and your rallys and your marches and your voices are being heard very loudly in Washington DC. We're gonna stop this madness! We're gonna, yes, rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. We're gonna rid the entire world, including our own country, of weapons of mass destruction! That's what we're gonna do!

How can we tell our children that violence is not an option, when they see our government supporting first strikes! How do we explain that to young people? How do we tell them "no" to violence?

...Let today be the first day of taking back the White House in 2004! That's what we gotta do! Thank you!"

Ron Kovic - 10/26/02:

Never underestimate who you are! Never underestimate the power of what you represent. Your beauty and your dignity. Your honesty and your integrity. You are going to change this nation. Think about it. This is your moment. Your destiny is to change this nation.

Years from now many of you will be able to tell your children that we lived through an extraordinary turning point in American History. And we have the courage to step over that line with dignity, with non-violence and with great determination, and make this is a country that we can all love again and can all be proud of. Thank you so very much. Thank you!

Quicktime Movie
Full Text of Ron Kovic's Speech

Footage from the March

Quicktime Movie

Quicktime Movie

John Perry Barlow and Mountain Girl Garcia

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