Lisa Rein's Transcription of Barbara Lee's Speech - October 26, 2002 Anti-war March in San Francisco

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"We need to re-dedicate ourselves to moving forward aggresively to making sure that this silent, they say minority, which it is a vocal majority, is being heard in Washington DC -- and that is you! Keep the peace process moving forward! Keep it moving forward!

And I just want to thank you for all of your support. I want you to know that your emails and your rallys and your marches and your voices are being heard very loudly in Washington DC. We're gonna stop this madness! We're gonna, yes, rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. We're gonna rid the entire world, including our own country, of weapons of mass destruction! That's what we're gonna do! That's what we must do! That's what we must do!

How can we tell our children that violence is not an option, when they see our government supporting first strikes! How do we explain that to young people? How do we tell them "no" to violence?

So let me conclude by just saying: Let today be the first day of taking back the White House in 2004! That's what we gotta do! Thank you!"