Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced XML - USF Spring 2003

Instructor: Lisa Rein,

Updated: November 6, 2003

Every programmer needs to know XML because it is rapidly becoming the data format of choice for all software applications. Your data can be parsed and understood by more applications if it is stored in XML.

Class Description

This class will start out with the basics of creating XML documents and then move on to parsing them and using them within software. We will learn RSS (RDF Site Summary), XSLT (XML Transformations), XML Schema, and many other XML Applications that deal with everything from databases to graphics to content syndication.

The class will get you up to speed creating and processing XML documents. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a World Wide Web Consortium Standard for creating customized document-based data formats.

Examples you may be familiar with include RSS (RDF Site Summary), which is used by news reader programs, WSDL (Web Service Description Language), which is used for specifying web services, and XHTML - which is a modularized form of HTML used for hand held and mobile devices.

Storing data in an XML format is "safer" than proprietary formats that are bound to specific applications that may fall to the wayside as time goes on. Software comes and goes, but XML will remain a constant until a new and improved data format comes along in ten or 20 years. If and when that happens, you are guaranteed that your data will easily migrate to the new format.

Enrollment Information

This class is split up into 3 smaller 1 unit classes. You can sign up for all three of them in order, or pop in part way through to take the Intermediate or Advanced classes (preferably if you already have some XML experience).

Here's the enrollment information for each 1 unit section:

Course NumberCourse TitleClass Meeting TimesClassroom Location
0203-186-01Sp Topics: Beginning XMLMW 11-12:15 PMCowell Hall Rm 225
0203-186-02Sp Topics: Intermediate XMLMW 11-12:15 PMCowell Hall Rm 225
0203-186-03Sp Topics: Advanced XMLMW 11-12:15 PMCowell Hall Rm 225