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Give Peace A Chance - Stop the War in Iraq

Last Updated: October 11, 2002 - 1:46pm PST

Bad news guys. The House and the Senate both approved Bush's Resolution yesterday.

Although there were some minor amendments made to it, it basically did exactly what we didn't want: give Bush the power to do what the hell he wants in Iraq. (Where that may lead to exactly, no one really knows...)

Some Senators and Representatives did stand up for peace and vote "NO".

in a democrat controlled senate (50 dems/49 reps/1 ind)
and a republican controlled house (208 dems/223 reps/1 ind/3 vacancies)

nancy listened and voted "no" to bush war-powers.
barbara listened and voted "no" to bush war-powers.
diane feinstein did NOT listen and voted "yes" to bush war-powers.

and together, the house and senate passed the resolution granting
bush powers to wage war on iraq, enabling a preemptive attack without
approval from the united nations and/or the security council.
(From a letter I received from Ryan Junell.)

I'll be posting more here later tonight and over the course of the weekend. (I'm out on the road till Tuesday -- so I might be quieter than I had meant to be until then :)

I want to thank everyone that faxed letters and made phone calls. Your voices were heard and I think it made a difference.

So let's keep up the good work guys.

Next time, there will be even more of us, and our voice will be heard even louder!

Talk soon!

Have a great weekend everybody!


President Bush has introduced passed (in both the House and Senate as of Friday, October 11, 2002 1:00 AM Washington DC time) a Bill (Public Law 105-338) asking for Congress to approve military action in the middle east. Representative Barbara Lee has introduced another bill (HR 473) that would provide a peaceful alternative, and already has the support of 26 members of the House of Representatives.

Here's a transcript of a TV interview with Barbara Lee that explains more about why supporting this Bill is so important.

Please write a letter to your Representatives urging them to get behind HR 473 (and to vote against Public Law 105-338).