Did CNN Turn Up The Boos During Michael Moore's Speech?

Michael Moore At The Oscars: ABC's Live Audio vs. CNN's Re-broadcast

I'm just looking over this footage myself, but I decided to help Ellison Horne out by digitizing and posting his video footage on the internet so the debate over this issue could begin, and so we could all look over the evidence together in order to determine whether or not the audio track was altered in the CNN rebroadcast.

Ellison didn't know how to put his VHS footage up on the Web. I could tell from the email he sent me that the project was really important to him, so I decided to help him out.

Introduction (Courtesy of Ellison Horne)

To All:

I'm urgently calling for an investigation of the broadcast by CNN and CNN Headline News's reporting of Michael Moore's acceptance speech last month at the Academy Awards.

CNN and CNN Headline News aired a significantly different audio response to Mr. Moore's speech than was orginally broadcasted on ABC.

It seems that someone has manipulated the audio to give the impression there was constant loud "booing" throughout Moore's speech, when in reality, there was only marginal booing often overridden with cheers and applause.

This needs to be fully investigated.

As you may well know it is not easy to demonstrate how the corporate media influences mass opinion, but here we have a clear and shocking example of unethical behavior through manipulation of a historic event.

Let's help the public to better understand corporate media bias by making CNN and CNN Headline News face the REAL story.


Ellison Horne

ABC Live Broadcast

This was digitized from a VHS recording.

Hi-res Movie file of ABC Broadcast (68 MB)

Small Movie file of ABC Broadcast (6 MB)

MP3 of ABC Broadcast (3 MB)

Uncompressed AIFF file of ABC Broadcast (15 MB)

CNN Re-broadcast

Hi-res Movie file of CNN Re-broadcast (71 MB)

Small Movie file of CNN Re-broadcast (6 MB)

MP3 of CNN Re-broadcast (3 MB)

Uncompressed AIFF file of CNN Re-Broadcast (13 MB)

Here is a link to the Directory containing all of the clips and pictures as stored at the Internet Archive.