's Website Update Log

08/02/2001New Weblogs added to "Collected Works" page Three new Weblogs posted to the O'Reilly Network that cover the latest developments in U.S. Copyright Law, the U.S. vs. Dmitry Sklyarov case and the battle between Microsoft and AOL for eyeballs.
06/08/2001Updated! P2P Universe Added and refined the P2P Universe a bit.
06/05/2001 P2P Universe An expanded P2P section full of explanations, definitions and tutorials about the rapidly emerging world of Peer-to-Peer technologies.
04/22/2001New! XML Icebreaker Added the slides from my presentation at XML DevCon Spring 2001 in New York.
04/21/2001New! Glossary Added a glossary of XML-related terms and definitions.
03/15/2001New! CSS and XSLT Tutorials Updated my CSS and XSLT style sheet tutorials.
03/05/2001New! Installing MSXML3 Even clearer instructions on installing MSXML3 to run in replace mode from within IE5.
02/26/2001New! Online Education Resources This work-in-progress will eventually provide everything a teacher needs to get their course materials online.
02/16/2001New! P2P Resources A collection of information and news sites focused on Peer-to-Peer technologies.
02/10/2001 About the Editor's Editor-in-Chief finally gets a chance to explain everything that's been going on these last few months...
12/23/2000 New XLink and Information Set specs! XLink makes it to Proposed Recommendation status -- plus a new Information Set Working Draft.
11/24/2000 The World of XML Tools A new story for the IEEE's Internet Computing Magazine covering changes in XML standards and software over the last two years.
11/16/2000 MSXML3 Resources Direct links to MSXML3 resources on Microsoft's site.
11/01/2000 Installing MSXML3 A step-by-step tutorial, and tips about installing MSXML3.
10/16/2000 Neat Stuff This week I'm featuring a cool JavaScript-driven HTML tag reference guide, courtesy of Bill Binkley. Cross-indexed and Browser-specific attributes included!
10/02/2000 About the Editor Updated my Editor's page.
08/18/2000 XML FAQ New section just added covering the "most popular" of the frequently asked questions about XML.
08/18/2000 FAQ About This Site New questions from readers about XML and this website.
08/14/2000More IE5 Tutorial A new tutorial explaining how to install the new MSXML Beta release to work with IE5.
08/03/2000More XML Specs SVG has become a Candidate Recommendation.
08/01/2000Updated the About the Editor page Just updated it a bit re: what I've been up to.
07/31/2000More XSL and CSS Style Sheet Tutorials Added a step-by-step section.
07/27/2000Updated XSL and CSS Style Sheet Tutorials New content. New XSLT helper tool. New examples.
07/24/2000Updated FAQ section New "FAQ About This Site", XSLT FAQ, XPath FAQ, and XSL in IE5 FAQ
07/04/2000Updated XML specs page again Needed to reflect newest versions of XPointer and XLink specs.
06/04/2000Finally updated XML specs page Brought this information up to date with the latest specs-in-progress.
06/03/2000Finally updated XSL in IE5 FAQ Brought this information up to date.
06/02/2000Finally updated XPath Faq and XSLT Faq pages.
(More to come on these...)
Filled in the details about what I've been doing these last few months.
05/24/2000About the Editor Filled in the details about what I've been doing these last few months.
11/25/99XSL/CSS Tutorials Cleaned up some confusing language and updated content per the XSLT and XPath W3C Recommendations.
11/24/99XPath FAQ Added a FAQ about XPath (XML Path Language)
11/24/99XSLT FAQ Added a FAQ about XSLT (XSL Transformations) language.
11/18/99More about IE5's XSL Implementation Added more details about IE5's XSL implementation.
11/24/99XSL in IE5 FAQ Added a FAQ about XPath (XML Path Language)
10/26/99XML FAQ Created a FAQ section broken down into other, more specfic, FAQ's
10/25/99Tutorials Added to XSLT and XML in IE5 tutorials.
10/18/99Tutorials Reorganized and updated tutorial into four smaller sections: XML Basics, HTML as XML, XSL and CSS, and XML in IE5.
10/02/99Editor's Page Major update to my About the Editor page.
9/28/99All Sections Modified layout so all pages can be bookmarked.
9/20/99XML Specs Added "XML Specifications" section.
8/09/99FAQ A revised FAQ.
8/09/99XML Tutorials Tidied up the tutorial a bit -- it's still under construction.
8/09/99More Stylesheet Specs... More about the new stylesheet specs in the works.
7/13/99Stylesheet Spec Updates A lot of new stylesheet specs in the works, I tried to add them all to my stylesheets page.
7/08/99Tutorials Moved the FAQ's I have been providing in XML to my XML example table on my tutorial page.
7/02/99Tutorials Revised content that had already become outdated over the last month, and also revised a few things that were probably already outdated when I first put them up (oops).
7/02/99FAQ Updated FAQ that explains more of the details about the content of my site.
7/02/99HTML/XML Deleted this section. HTML/XML doesn't need it's own section -- The technical transition information is already in th first part of the tutorial. The link here goes to an archive of the last version published.