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About the Editor - Lisa Rein

Last Updated: March 9, 2002

Technical Architect - Creative Commons

I'm excited to announce that I am the Technical Architect for the Creative Commons public domain-friendly licensing project.

Read more about the Creative Commons in Hal Plotkin's Technology Beat column for SF Gate: All Hail Creative Commons: Stanford professor and author Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection.

I can't talk about the project much yet, but I'll be explaining it in detail with Molly Van Houweling at the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies conference on May 16th: Creative Commons: Using and Sharing Emerging Technologies to Enrich the Public Domain .

Teaching - UC Berkeley Extension Online

I'm an Extension Instructor for the University of California at Berkeley Extension Online currently teaching its X441.4 XML Application Development class. I am also in the process of two more courses for UC Berkeley Extension: XML for Web Designers I and XML for Web Designers II.

O'Reilly Resource Guides Resource Guide

I'm a Contributing Editor and Resource Guide Editor for and am currently finishing up a major reorganization of its 953 resources in 149 categories.

O'Reilly's P2P Directory

I'm also the Editor of O'Reilly's P2P Directory of companies and projects and as-yet-undefinables in the expanding peer-to-peer networking space. also provides articles, news feeds, analysis and insight into the technical, cultural, legal and political scenarios currently brewing in the midst of P2P's glamourous technospace.


I'm a singer/musician/songwriter with a music website at: It looks like I'm going to get to be my own guinea pig in terms of proving to the music industry that money can be made through non-traditional channels -- for both artists and the record industry. More on this later...

I've only got two songs up now, but there are more in the can and I'm going back in the studio at the end of March.

Speaking Engagements

I will be presenting at the O'Reilly Emerging Technologies conference on May 16th with Molly Van Houweling on Creative Commons: Using and Sharing Emerging Technologies to Enrich the Public Domain .

In 2001, I provided an "XML Icebreaker" at the XML DevCon Spring 2001 conference in New York City on April 8th, 2001.

CNBC Articles

Over the past year and a half, Silicon Valley Correspondent Hal Plotkin has quoted me in three different articles, though only two have been preserved. These stories tend to focus on the stock portfolios of one or more XML companies and trends in technology worth looking out for.


In 1995, I had the honor of editing Dr. Timothy Leary's last published work, the graphic novel Surfing the Conscious Nets (Last Gasp 1995). Soon after that, I was the Multimedia Editor for CD-ROM Today and then the Associate Editor for IDG's NetscapeWorld.

My XML career began in 1997, when I left my Associate Editor position to launch a career as a freelance journalist in publications such as: Wired News,, WebReview, Software Development Magazine, Web Techniques, Hewlett-Packard's e-business, and the IEEE's Internet Computing Magazine.

Gradually, I became more involved in XML standards development and became a member of the RDF Schema Working Group in 1998. About that same time, I began writing for and editing the Resource Guide, which I continue to edit and maintain.

I've always enjoyed writing tutorial articles and providing clarification of XML Specifications to my readers, but it wasn't until 1999 that I began teaching for Bellevue Community College.

In 2000, I became more involved in the development of college-level curriculums. Intrigued by the potential of online education, I began researching online distance-based learning technologies for several months while teaching privately for a few corporate clients. Then in the Fall of 2000, I began teaching for the University of California at Berkeley Extension.

In January 2001, I became the Editor of O'Reilly's P2P Directory which is a part of the newly-launched magazine.

Last Updated: March 9, 2001