Lisa Rein's Music Showcase - December 13, 2003

Updated: December 6, 2003

What and Where

I'm throwing a big party/music showcase on December 13, 2003 at Noe Valley Ministry -- and you're invited!

This party is basically a chance for me to present my music and catch up with old friends. I've wanted to have a party for some time since I moved back to San Francisco in October 2001, but I kind of know a lot of people, and wanted to invite all of them, and still have enough room for the people I don't know personally yet to come by and say hi and hear my tunes.


I'll be playing with Ron Taylor, who I co-wrote most of my music with. Simon Grant, who played drums on many of my Seattle recordings and is producing my next album, will be there playing drums, and Jeff Norwood will be playing bass guitar.

We'll be performing little 25 minute sets throughout the course of the evening, starting at 6:30pm, and a longer set towards the end starting around 8:45pm.

The Noe Valley Ministry space comes with a big beautiful piano that I hate to let go to waste, so I've asked Paul de Benedictis to play some original piano music from 8:00 - 8:30pm.

I'll also have Singer/Songwriter Alex Walsh performing from 7-7:30 to keep things interesting in-between sets.

So the idea is that there will be live music going on the whole time upstairs, with a party-like thang going on outside the main room upstairs and downstairs. There will be beer and wine and food.

Admission is Free -- However, I will be accepting donations, and half of everything collected will go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. (The other half will go to reimbursing my costs for the show -- which, many have asked me about. And the answer is, yeah, I can't really afford this, but I hate to do anything well, who needs to eat the second half of December anyway :)

Somehow, I'll be piping in the music from the live show to the rest of the party, and the whole thing will most likely be webcast. (More information on this later.)

So mark your calendar and bring your friends. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday evening, December 13th!

Performance Schedule

6:30-6:55Lisa and Ron and Friends
7:00-7:30Alex Walsh
7:30-7:55Lisa and Ron and Friends
8:00-8:30Paul de Benedictis
8:45-9:30Lisa and Ron and Friends